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Taking Life 
by the Throat

Volume I
Chapbook of Poetry

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My Books

Taking Life by the Throat

Poetry, Volume I

Chapbook is available from Amazon, Nook, etc.

Caden's Crime 

(A Fantasy Novel)

My Books


I have written poetry since high school. Completing my first novel a few months ago, Caden's Crime, was exciting . I have published several poems in literary magazines, an anthology and online emagazines.

Past Abodes

- USA: Maryland, Connecticut, Oklahoma, New Mexico. 

- Visited all states except Montana

- Ethiopia: Agaro, Jimma, Lekempt, Addis Ababa


Other Experiences

  • Counselor

  • Peace Corps Volunteer (Ethiopia):

    • Teacher

    • Smallpox Eradication Officer (WHO)

  • Sanitarian

  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (Ret)

  • Certified Safety Professional (Ret)

   Caden's Crime


A fantasy novel where Caden Funderburk is transported to a planet in a parallel universe. His life is turned upside down when he becomes a pawn in a struggle among immortals and aliens.


The publication will be in 2020.

Published Poetry



From one 

grows a grove 

of clones to rise up, 

to worship aloud

under warm, golden beams. 


Slender silvery lean trunks

assemble upon meadow floors

like church choirs

upon tiered stages 

preparing to sing.


Green leaves swivel

in frenzied clapping circles,

raising vocal harmonies

around elemental melodies

whenever mountain winds

cascade through valley.


If not us, 

who would feel 

breezy turmoil tearing 

through spindly branches, 

hear their chorales, witness 

their frantic leaves gesturing 

wildly like thousands of hands 

waving, pleading for attention?

*Published in The Griffen, April, 2012

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