• TW Williams

Clerihews for you

James Byron Dean

worshiped star of screen,

loved to race and speed

ended up killed by a Turnupseed.

Albert Einstein,

wish his mind was mine,

what he thought did matter

he knew how to make atoms shatter.

Gorgeous Marilyn Monroe

died leaving us in sorrow

at the loss of beauty in flesh

her lipstick shiny smile so fresh.

Wild Bill Hickok

did not hear the click of the cock

as he played the fates

with a hand of aces and eights.

Enrico Fermi, the Splitter

had the world all a-twitter.

Shot a neutron in the heart

watched it, neighbors blow apart.

That wascally wabbit, Bugs Bunny

is clever, so very funny,

he plants his foot in Fudd’s butt

we bust a collective gut.

Woody Woodpecker

took my car and wrecked her.

A-heh-a-heh-, a-heh-a-heh,

I want to rip out his featha!

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